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We started precise forging in 1972 with the aim of improving material yield ratio, shortening process time and strength of products by plastic deformation.We are aiming at high level and added value forging with Stainless Steel, Stellite.Alloy, etc. by well-established In-House Integrated Manufacturing System including Die Design, Forging Process, Heat Treatment and Inspections.

The continuous hard effort, technical skill, passion and experience of every employee have grown NICHIA TANKO CO.,LTD. as international forging factory.

To provide the value to society, we, as sound and trustworthy corporate, make continuous and utmost efforts working in partnership with our customers, employees and regional community.

We look forward to ongoing support of all our stakeholders to create new value through our business innovation.

Kenji Matsuda,

Company Profile

Company Name Nichia Tanko Co., Ltd.
Address 77 Kitayama,Myogi-machi,Tomioka-city,Gunma,379-0205 Japan
Tel +81-274-73-2021
Fax +81-274-73-2425
President Kenji Matsuda
Founded 19 Jan 1972
Capital JPY 50M
Employees 120
Business General precision drop forging
Site Area 49,000 m2
Building Area 10,500 m2
Main Banks Gunma Bank,
Gunma Prefectural Credit Union,
Shinonome Credit Union,
Resona Banking

Main Customers

・Bosch Corporation ・MITSUI E&S Co., Ltd.
・Furukawa rock drill.Co.,Ltd. ・NSK Ltd.
・JFE Engineering Corporation ・SENQCIA CORPORATION
・Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. ・Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.
・KYB Corporation ・TANAKA Kikinzoku Kogyo K.K.
・MinebeaMitsumi Inc. ・Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation
・Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. ・Toshiba GE Turbine Components Co.,Ltd.

■We offer our manufacturing services for more than 100 companies represented by above customers.


Jan.,1972 Established Nichia Tanko Co.,Ltd in Kitayama, Gunma(Capital: JPY 20M)
Apr.,1979 Increased its capital to JPY 40M.
Nov.,1981 Installed newest equipment to study upset forging.
Nov.,1986 Started the production of forged turbine blades and nozzles.
Feb.,1989 Established Dentan Co.,Ltd. by making Electric Upset Forging Dept. independent.
Sep.,1989 Established Heat Treatment Factory.
May.,1991 Established Forging Press Factory.
Jun.,1998 Installed 5.5t Air Stamp Hammer.
Oct.,2001 Installed 6t Air Stamp Hammer.
Mar.,2002 Established Die Factory.
Dec.,2002 Obtained ISO 9001 certificate.(Turbine blades ,nozzles)
Apr.,2003 Established new office building.
Oct.,2005 Marged with Dentan Co.,Ltd. and increased its capital to JPY 50M
Jun.,2006 Obtained Class NK certificate.
Dec.,2006 Installed 8t Air Stamp Hammer.
Apr.,2007 Installed 800ton Screw Press Machine.
Jun.,2008 Obtained ISO 9001 certificate
Oct.,2009 Established Material Cutting Factory.
Dec.,2009 Renewed ISO 9001 certificate.
Jan.,2010 Established Die Factory.
Oct.,2012 Installed 16t Air Stamp Hammer.
Aug.,2013 Established Table Shot Blast Machine.
Feb.,2014 Established Car Bottom Tempreing Furnace.
Aug.,2014 Established Roll forging.
Dec.,2015 Established Machining Center.
Sep.,2016 Introduction of large magnetic particle inspection machine.
Apr.,2017 Introduction of 3D printers.
Sep.,2017 Introduction of 3D scanner measuring device.
Nov.,2017 Renewed ISO 9001:2015 certificate.
Sep.,2018 Completion of new employee dormitory.