Understand customer needs through meeting with engineers.


2.Study specification

Investigate all production processes ,including cost down proposal such as material savings, and cutting efficiencies.

Study specification

3.Mold design

Simulation by CAD/CAM.

Mold design

Mold processing

DNC control linked with CAD /CAM system realize high-precision mold making.

Machining /Mold processing

5.Material cutting

We have cutting equipment for all types of steel, such as fully automatic sawing machines and metal saws.

Material cutting


We have total 105 sets of forging equipment's such as 16t Air Stamp Hammer/Free Forging/Forging Roll/Pressing Machine/Electric upsetter/High-frequency heating furnace/PID control heating furnace.


7.Heat treatment/

Increase toughness and durability of products by Heat treatment and Shot Blasting process.

Heat treatment/Finishing


Fast and accurate inspections with high technology tools such as Non-contact CMM and Emission spectrometer.



Our integrated production system offer
●cost down
●Short lead-time
●Strict confidentiality


Equipment List

Equipment Name Number of owned Equipment
Major Equipment 16t Air Stamp Hammer 1
8t Air Stamp Hammer 1
6t Air Stamp Hammer 1
4t Air Stamp Hammer 1
3t Air Stamp Hammer 1
3t High speed Air Stamp Hammer 1
2t Free Forging Hammer 1
1/4t Free Forging Hammer 1
Forging Roll 2
2,500t Forging Press 2
800t Screw Press 1
700t Forging Press 1
250t Knuckle Joint Press 3
30t-600t Crank Press 46
Electric Upsetter (35KVA-200KVA) 25
High Frequency Heat Furnace (150-800KVA) 7
Revolving PID control Heat Furnace 6
Batched type PID control Heat Furnace 4
Heat treatment Pit type High temperature quenching furnace (P-75180) 4
Pit type High temperature tempering furnace (PTF-75180) 5
Batched type PID control Heat Furnace 1
Quenching Oil Tank (EQ-75180) 2
Mold Processing related CAD/CAM System 3
Machining center (#3-#8) 7
CNC(8-12in) 2
Electric Discharge Machine(Wire cut, Electrode process) 3
General purpose lathe (4-12Foot) 7
Radial drilling machine (1,000-1,500) 2
Vertical milling machine (#2-#8) 8
Inspection Autograph(AG-50KNG) 1
Tensile testing machine (MR-30) 1
Magnetic flaw detection machine 3
Creep rupture testing machine (BETHEL-2) 2
Charpy impact tester 1
Ultrasonic flaw detector 2
Hardness tester (Brinell ,Rockwell, Vickers) 6
Metal microscope 1
Digital optical thermometer 3
Emission analyzer (SPECTRO) 1
Laser scanning (FARO ARM) 1
3D Scanning CMM(KEYENCE) 1
Others Fully automatic sawing machine (250-800mm) 10
Metal saws (10-120) 14
Shot Blast machine 7